Adding an Electronic Signature to web forms

Due to being form based, a popular feature request of BPM applications is to be able to add an electronic signature - the ability to electronically sign web forms that you are producing.  ProcessMaker features an add-on which connects to electronic signature pads so users can electronically sign PDFs, forms, and documents.

Electronic Signature


Configuring the Electronic Signature Plug-in

Using this feature, it’s possible to electronically sign a web form or electronically sign PDFs in real time.  Once you have the electronic signature plug-in installed, you can create a field in a web form or step in a workflow where a signature pad - connected to the end users computer via USB - is used to input an electronic signature which will appear in the web form or PDF signed document.

Some typical benefits of the Electronic Signaure plug-in are the potential to sign approval based workflows or have a real signature present on a PDF output document that will be used as a legal or official document.

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